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Why do I get InvalidPackageDirectory error during validation and deployment tasks?

Stage: Validation, Deployment Build Task: Deploy a Source Directory (Source Format) to an Org

sfpowerscripts... Deploy Source to Org
Converting source to mdapi
Converting to MDAPI Format force-app in project directory
ERROR running force:source:convert: InvalidPackageDirectory
Unable to convert source for directory force-app
##[error]Command failed: npx sfdx force:source:convert -r force-app -d QTcO4_mdapi
ERROR running force:source:convert: InvalidPackageDirectory

Possible Resolution: Check that all your defined packages in sfdx-project.json has at least 1 file in the package directory so that the sfdx cli detects that the package exists and is valid. During the mdapi conversion process, it will reference the sfdx-project.json file before starting to convert the specified package.

Why am I getting a SyntaxError:Unexpected token exception when I use any of these commands?

Check that all your defined packages in sfdx-project.json have these following attributes defined

package:<name-of-the-package> // this is mandatory for each of the packages
versionNumber:<X.Y.Z.BuildNumber/NEXT> //this is mandatory for each of the packages

Why am I getting the below error during prepare/validate command?

This error is thrown when sfpowerkit is unable to fetch information about the dependencies of a package. Check for the following

  • There is a valid alias for package dependencies for any of the unlocked /source packages

  • Unlocked packages are found to refer to a source package dependency