Deploy your packages to an org

What does deploy command do?

Given a directory of artifacts and a target org, the deploy command will deploy the packages to the target org according to the sequence defined in the project configuration file.

The deploy command removes the overhead of scripting individual package deployments. The packages to deploy and order of deployment is automatically decoded from the project configuration file.

For the deploy command to work, it requires the current working directory to contain the project configuration file. Additionally, the artifacts must be created from the same source version.

What are the sequence of steps the deploy command does?

How do I skip a package from being deployed to an org?

Yes, you could use the ignoreOnStage:[ "deploy" ] property to mark which packages should be skipped by the deploy command. If you want a selective skip, that is skip a particular package being deployed to specific org, your could use the property skipDeployOnOrgs: ["username/alias","username/alias"] . If the username/alias passed as a flag to the command matches the array, then this package will be skipped on deployment