Generate Changelog [ALPHA]

Milestone 16 introduced the 'Release Change Log' feature which outputs a report of all changes to packages in a release

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Generates a release change log that summarises artifact versions, work items (user stories) and commits that have been introduced in the release.

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Input Parameters
YAML Sample
Input Parameters

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  • Path to the directory where artifacts are downloaded / aritfactDir

    Path to the artifact directory where the artifacts are downloaded, If not provided, the default values will be automatically used

  • Release Name / releaseName

    Name of the release to be displayed in the changelog

  • Limit number of releases to display / limit

    Limit the number of releases to display in the changelog markdown

  • Work Item Pattern / workItemFilter

    Pattern used to match work item or user story IDs. Accepts regular expressions e.g. APR-[0-9]{3,4}

  • Work Item URL / workItemUrl

    Generic URL that points to work items. Each work item ID will be appended to the URL, providing quick access to work items

  • Repository URL / repositoryUrl

    Repository in which changelog files will be located

  • Branch Name / branchName

    Name of the repository branch in which changelog files will be located

  • Force Push / forcePush

    Warning: ignores conflicts and overrwrites branch

  • Select the version control provider / versionControlProvider The version control provider that hosts the particular repository. Select the appropriate repository type from the drop down (in UI) or pass the name of the service connection. You can read more on using service connections here.

    The supported options are - Github Connection / github_connection Use this if your repository provider is GitHub - GitHub Enterprise Connection / github_enterprise_connection Use this if your repository provider is GitHub Enterprise - Bitbucket Connection / bitbucket_connection Use this if your repository provider is Bitbucket - Azure Repo / azureRepo Use this if your repository provider is Azure Repo. Please ensure the agent has the right permissions for authenticating to the Azure Repo ( enabled by 'Allow Scripts to access the OAuth Token' ) - Other Git / otherGit Any other Git provider which can be authenticated using a username/password based basic authentication schema. - Git which is already authenticated at the agent level / hostedAgentGit Use this option if the agent is already authenticated to Git repository (typically used in a self hosted agent or if none of the above methods are not suffice to connect to your git repository)

YAML Sample
- task: AzlamSalam.sfpowerscripts-alpha.sfpowerscrip[email protected]1
displayName: 'Generate a changelog for the current release'
releaseName: '$(Release.ReleaseName)'
workItemFilter: 'APR-[0-9]{3,4}'
workItemUrl: ''
repositoryUrl: ''
branchName: master


  • 1.0.0 Initial version

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