Run a static analysis of apex classes with PMD

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This task is used to run a static analysis of the apex classes in a project directory using PMD. This is a task execution wrapper around the command sfpowerkit:source:pmd which you can read here

This task attaches the code analysis result into the build artifacts and also provides a timeline update in the build summary page.

This task when used in a build pipeline features a report window that gets displayed along with the logs.


Install SFDX CLI with sfpowerkit task must be added to the pipeline before utilizing this task

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Input Parameters
Output Parameters
YAML Example
Input Parameters

Classic Designer Labels are in Bold, YAML Variables are in italics

  • Source directory that needs to be analyzed / directory The directory to be analyzed. Note: If left blank, the default directory from sfdx-project.json will be used

  • Select the ruleset to be used for analysis / ruleset sfpowerkit comes with a default ruleset. Select custom if you want to use your own ruleset

  • Path to ruleset / rulesetpath

    Specify the ruleset path for PMD if using the custom option, leaving this blank will result in using the default options as of sfpowerkit

  • Format for the static analysis to be displayed in the console and written to the result file / format Select the format for the code analysis report to be generated

  • Output file / outputPath The name or path to the file if you want the report to be saved to a particular location, The result of PMD analysis will also be uploaded into the build artifacts

  • Report the build as failure if there is critical defects / isToBreakBuild Select this option if you want the build to be failed if PMD observes any critical defects in the code being analyzed

  • Project Directory / project_directory The directory to the folder containing the sfdx-project.json file Note: Leave this blank if the sfdx-project.json file is in the root of the repository

Output Parameters


YAML Example
- task: [email protected]<version>
displayName: PMD Static Code Coverage
ruleset: Custom
rulesetpath: '$(Parameters.rulesetpath)'
format: html


  • 8.0.5 Upgrade to Node 10

  • 7.0.0 #113 Fix PMD Apex Analysis dashboard

  • 6.0.4 Remove Telemetry collection

  • 5.0.9 Refactored to use revamped folder structure

  • 4.3.10 Minor Fixes for buffer size

  • 4.3.0 Updated with minor changes for the data to be displayed in PMD Analysis Tab

  • 4.0.1 Updated with Telemetry

  • 3.1.0 Initial Version

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