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At present, Salesforce unlocked package doesn't support packaging of all metadata types, also some metadata are not meant to be deployed using unlocked package (such as org specific entities). However to deploy such metadata across multiple org's, one has to resort to deploying metadata directly from a source repo using 'metadata api'. Source based packages is a 'sfpowerscripts' construct that allows one to have the primary advantage of packaging (mainly traceability, and cohesiveness) to non packaging supported metadata components.

If you are not yet ready with unlocked packages, however would like to get started into the world of package based development, source package will be your primary starting point.

This task generates a build artifact which include the source (metadata) which will be deployed using the Install Source Package Task.

Source Packages are only traceable from an azure pipelines perspective. On your Salesforce org, it will be treated a normal metadata deployment.

Source Packages like any other metadata deployment requires a unit test coverage of 75% for each classes that is part of the deployment. We recommend you ensure that your package have all the necessary test classes with sufficient coverage for optimal performance. In case it is not possible, switch the flag to 'Deploy via triggering all local tests in the org' in the Install Source Package Task. Please note this can considerably delay deployments considering how the test classes are written in the org

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Classic Designer Labels are in Bold, YAML Variables are in italics

  • Name of the package / package Provide the name of the package.

  • The version number of the package to be created” / version_number The format is major.minor.patch.buildnumber . This will override the build number mentioned in the sfdx-project.json. Consider running the Increment Version Number task before this task and passing the sfpowerscripts_incremented_project_version variable as an input to this field.

  • Only run task if package has changed / isDiffCheck Enable this option to conditionally build the source package only if there has been a change to the package. To determine whether a package has changed, also enable 'Tag latest commit ID with package name and version'.

  • Tag latest commit ID with package name and version / isGitTag Enable this option to tag the latest commit ID with an annotated Git tag that shows the package name and version. To push the tag to your repository, please refer to Execute Post Steps after Creating a Package.

  • Project Directory / project_directory This parameter may be left blank if the sfdx-project.json is in the root of the repository, else provide the folder directory containing the sfdx-project.json .



The version number of the package that was created.

- task: [email protected]<version>
displayName: 'Creates a new version of Source Based Package for <mypackage>'
package: <mypackage>
version_number: <'$(sfpowerscripts_incremented_project_version)'>
isDiffCheck: false
isGitTag: false
project_directory: [dir]


  • 12.0.6 Refactor artifact structure #131,

    Automatically identify test classes and include in artifact metadata #160

  • 10.0.6 Update Core dependency

  • 10.0.1

    • Removed Telemetry Collection

    • Added Options to tag a package

    • Added Options only to create a package if there is only change

  • 7.0.5 Refactored to use revamped folder structure

  • 6.0.0 Support for creation of multiple packages in a single build such as in a MonoRepo

  • 5.1.0 Minor changes in artifact that is getting stored

  • 5.0.1 Updated with Telemetry

  • 4.0.0 Initial Version

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