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This task is a wrapper over sfpowerkit:org:destruct (link). This is a helper task to delete metadata from an org using path to a destructive changeset (destructiveChanges.xml) or by mentioning the contents in a multiline text field.

This task is typically used in standalone release pipeline to orchestrate deletion of metadata across multiple sandboxes or used along with Create a Delta Package task which produces the destructive changes


Install SFDX CLI with sfpowerkit task must be added to the pipeline before utilizing this task

Task Snapshot

Task Snapshot of deploying a destructive manifest using the Classic UI


Input Parameters
Output Variables
YAML Examples
Input Parameters

Classic Designer Labels are in Bold, YAML Variables are in italics

  • Alias or username of the target org / target_org

    Provide the alias or username of the target org on which the source directory is to be deployed

  • Destructive Manifest Type / type Possible values include - Text / text - For Inline entry of destructive changes - Filepath / filepath - Path to destructiveChanges.xml file

  • Enter the destructive manifest / destructive_manifest_text This option is enabled if the type selected is text, Enter the contents that need to be destric

  • The path to the destructive manifest xml / destructive_manifest_path This option is enabled if the type selected is filepath, Provide an absolute filepath to the destructiveChanges.xml

  • Skip if unable to find destructive manifest file / skip_on_missing_manifest Enable this option if you are using this task along with an automatic generation of destructive manifest file ( such as Create a Delta Package ) and do no want the task to fail if there is no destructive manifest generated in the task above.

Output Variables

YAML Examples
- task: [email protected]<version>
displayName: 'Deploy destructive manifest to scratchorg'
method: FilePath
destructive_manifest_filepath: destructiveChanges.xml
skip_on_missing_manifest: true


  • 5.0.4 Update Core dependency

  • 5.0.0 - Removed Telemetry Collection - Added option to skip the task on missing destructive manifest file (#15)

  • 3.0.9 Refactored to use revamped folder structure

  • 2.0.1 Updated with Telemetry

  • 1.7.0 Initial Version

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