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This task is used to deploy/validate metadata which is in source format (newer format) to any org, be it a scratch org, sandbox or production. The task does the following things.

  1. Converts the source directory to metadata using source:convert command

  2. Use mdapi:deploy to deploy/validate the converted metadata to an org

  3. Run any associated test runs supported along with the mdapi:deploy command

You can read about mdapi:deploy command here and understand the various options

This task is typically used in a Validation Stage, such as pull request validation pipeline or in a release pipelines ( Org Based / Hybrid deployment models) where the package directory in a checked out project is deployed to an org.


Install SFDX CLI with sfpowerkit task must be added to the pipeline before utilizing this task

Task Snapshot

Deploy a Package (Source Format) in a Build Pipeline
Deploy a Package (Source Format) in a Release Pipeline
Deploy a Package (Source Format) in a Build Pipeline
Deploy a package directory to a scratch org in a build pipeline
Deploy a Package (Source Format) in a Release Pipeline
Deploy a Package Directory to a Sandbox in Release Pipeline


Input Parameters
Output Parameters
YAML Example
Input Parameters

Classic Designer Labels are in Bold, YAML Variables are in italics

  • Alias or username of the target org / target_org

    Provide the alias or username of the target org on which the source directory is to be deployed

  • Project Directory / project_directory

    Leave it blank if the sfdx-project.json is in the root of the repository, else provide the folder directory containing the sfdx-project.json

  • Source/Package directory to be deployed / source_directory

    The relative path of the source/package directory that needs to be deployed within the Project Directory

  • Validate Deployment, do not deploy / checkonly

    Enable this for doing a validate only deployment. Utilize this mechanism for Pull Request against Sandbox to validate the metadata or if you prefer a validate deployment before doing a quick deployment.

  • Ignore any warning during a deployment / ignorewarnings Check this field to ignore warnings, default behaviour results in warnings treated as errors

  • Ignore any errors during a deployment / ignoreerror

    Check this field to ignore any errors during deployment, if enabled failed components will be ignored

  • Path to the .validationignore to use during validate only deployment / validation_ignore Only enabled when checkonly is enabled , this is optional field for specifying a path to .validationignore ( a file following the same notions of .forceignore af) that can be specified to ignore certain metadata during a validate only deployment. This is needed to overcome certain salesforce quirks, where certain metadata is not allowed for a validate only deployment

  • Wait Time / wait_time

    Time to wait for this execution to complete,after this set wait time the next task in the pipeline will be executed. It is recommended to provide sufficient wait time so that the command can be made into a synchronous execution

  • Test Level / testlevel

    Select the appropriate test level if test are required to be exectued along with the deployment, Possible values are the following

    • NoTestRun / NoTestRun : Do not run any tests

    • RunSpecifiedTests / RunSpecifiedTests : Run specified tests mentioned in the following configuration item “Tests to be Executed(specifed_tests)

    • RunApexTestSuite / RunApexTestSuite: Run an apex test suite (apextextsuite)

    • RunLocalTests / RunLocalTests : Run all the local tests

    • RunAllTestsInOrg / RunAllTestsInOrg: Run all the tests in the org

  • Tests to be executed / specifed_tests

    Only visible, if the testlevel is RunSpecifiedTests, Provide a comma seperated values of all the test classes that need to be executed

  • ApexTextSuite / apextextsuite Only visible, if the test level is RunApexTestSuite, Provide the name of the apex test suite that need to be executed. An apex test suite should be available in the

  • Break Build if the provided metadata folder is empty / isToBreakBuildIfEmpty

    Enable this flag to break the build, if the metadata folder provide is empty, other wise the task will ignore and just move to the next task if encountering an empty metadata folder

Output Parameters
  • sfpowerkit_deploysource_id The id for this particular deployment job.

YAML Example


  • 10.0.5 Add ignore warnings and errors input parameters

  • 9.0.6 #115 Print metadata to be deployed in console

  • 7.1.4 Fix bug related to empty folder check

  • 7.0.9 Refactored to use revamped folder structure

  • 6.0.6 Support for installation of packages of a build that generate multiple artifacts such as MonoRepo and Bugfixes

  • 5.1.0 Break Build if empty metadata is encountered

  • 3.0.1 Updated with Telemetry

  • 2.8.0 Initial Version

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