Build Pipeline - Unlocked Package

Build Stage / Continuous Integration pipeline

This pipeline demonstrates how you can build a continous integration pipeline for an unlocked package. This pipeline is triggered on every successful completion of a feature branch into the develop/master branch. If the frequency is quite high, you can look into utilizing [ci skip] in front of the commit message to skip a trigger of this pipeline

The pipeline demonstrated below is a quite a simple one, assuming there is only one package directory in your project. If you are having a mono repo with multiple package directories, the PR validation Job will feature multiple create version tasks. You can also have source packages along with unlocked packages in the same project directory

Here is a snapshot of the steps we have used to configure a pipeline.

Pipeline Snapshot

Classic Pipeline
YAML Pipeline
Classic Pipeline
Snapshot for an elementary build pipeline for a project containing a single package in an unlocked package based deployment model
YAML Pipeline
- job: Build an Unlocked Package
displayName: Unlocked Package build for <MyPackage>
condition: and(eq(variables[\'build.sourceBranch\'], \'refs/heads/master\'), ne(variables[\'build.Reason\'], \'PullRequest\') )
- task: [email protected]<version>
displayName: Install SFDX
- task: [email protected]<version>
displayName: Authenticate Org
method: 'ServiceConnection'
salesforce_connection: '$(service_connection)'
alias: 'DevHub'
- task: [email protected]<version>
displayName: Create a new version of Package
package: <MyPackage>
tag: <Mytag>
config_file_path: 'config/project-scratch-def.json'
installationkeybypass: true
enable_coverage: false
isValidationToBeSkipped: false
devhub_alias: 'DevHub'
wait_time: '120'
build_artifact_enabled: true

Tasks Involved

The steps that are part of this pipeline are (in the exact order)

  1. Authenticate an Org( In this case, it is authenticating against DevHub)

Pipeline Trigger

This pipeline need to be enabled only with CI triggers, PR triggers for pipeline should be disabled. Follow this documentation to enable this CI trigger using this link

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