A build system for package based development on Salesforce that can be implemented in any CI/CD system of choice. sfpowerscripts is part of the [email protected] initiative, productivity boosters for engineering teams on Salesforce.

Key Features

  • Features an Orchestrator, which utilises the sfdx-project.json (Salesforce DX Project Configuration) as the source of truth for driving the build system, ensuring very low maintenance on projects and programs often dealing with multiple number of packages

  • Builds packages in parallel by respecting dependencies

  • Ability to selectively build changed packages in a mono repo

  • Ability to deploy only packages that are changed in repo

  • Pooling commands to prepare a pool of scratch orgs with packages pre-installed for optimized Pull/Merge Request Validation

  • Artifacts Driven, all create commands produce an artifact or operate on an artifact

  • Integrate with any CI/CD system of choice

  • All commands are enabled with statsD, for collecting metrics about your pipeline


sfpowerscripts initially began life in the form of an Azure Pipelines Extension available through the Visual Studio Marketplace wrote by Azlam Abdulsalam as a personal project.

The project was then migrated to Accenture Open Source Program and a key component of Accenture [email protected] initiative, a set of opinionated tool and practices for Enterprise Salesforce Development. The project is currently being expanded to support other Continuous Build Platforms utilizing a sfdx-plugin.


A list of people maintaining sfpowerscripts and these pages is available here

How do I submit a query to sfpowerscripts?

Please create an issue using the methods listed here.