sfpowerscripts is a wrapper around sfdx-cli and open source sfdx plugin sfpowerkit aimed at reducing efforts in writing boiler plate code (often written using bash scripts) while setting up a Continuous Build system for Salesforce.

The project supports the following targets

  • Azure Pipelines through a native extension.

  • other Continuous Build platforms, through a sfdx-plugin.

The project intends to add native extension to other CI/CD platforms (which supports an extension based model) or provide sample pipelines to get started with minimal efforts.


Why should you use sfpowerscripts?

  • Using sfdx-cli commands are relatively simple, however there is bit of of code that would be required to parse the JSON output and set it to environment and other variables for use within the next task.

  • Additional scripts are needed to integrate with a Continuous Build system's native dashboards. eg: In the case of Azure Pipelines, integrating with Test Reports etc.

  • Providing additional functionality that is not supported by the sfdx-cli, especially around orchestration, such as build only packages that are changed in a mono-repo.

  • Ease of use, it avoids spending too much time building a pipeline.


sfpowerscripts initially began life in the form of an Azure Pipelines Extension available through the Visual Studio marketplace wrote by Azlam Abdulsalam as a personal project.

The project was then migrated to Accenture Open Source Program and a key component of Accenture [email protected] initiative, a set of opinionated tool and practices for Enterprise Salesforce Development. The project is currently being expanded to support other Continuous Build Platforms utilizing a sfdx-plugin.


A list of people maintaining sfpowerscripts and these pages is available here‚Äč

How do I submit a query to sfpowerscripts?

Please create an issue using the methods listed here.